About us

Brightpoint is a team of developers, investors, mentors, marketing experts, advisors and talent recruiters, with experience and expertise accross a wide range of industries. We strive to understand our customers and their business to deliver the most unique and mind-blowing piece of work.

We constantly recycle our passionate designers and developers. They learn the latest trend in the design and web development industry, so customers can be assured that what they're getting is the most updated designs and technologies.


Our Process

Clients will fill up a questionnaire regarding their business and preferences to let us know them better. We actively communicate and engage our clients at each stage of the project’s development to make sure their requirements are fulfilled.

At Brightpoint, we carefully plan our ideas based on client’s business, target audience and preferences to come out with initial concepts. We carefully organize and relate to our clients the concepts of our designs, and make revisions to their satisfaction. We develop and deliver the most optimal designs for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are customer centric and we assure quality work
  • We are focused on great design and programming to ensure attractiveness and the best user experience
  • We communicate and engage our customers to give them what they desire most
  • We understand each business thoroughly before we start on any design
  • We go through a detailed process of planning and organization of ideas before we develop
  • We make every work a masterpiece